May 2, 2018

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The Sword

The Bible is a sword. A beautiful sword. A powerful sword. A sword that penetrates, a sword that divides soul from spirit, joint from marrow, thoughts from intent. A divine tool for protecting and strengthening, for attacking and defending. It’s so simple a child can use it well; and so complex that a lifetime devoted to studying it will not discover all its secrets. It is a gift to mankind from his Maker.

It is a weapon that is more often than not left on the shelf, desolate and useless to all. We have forgotten how to use it. We deny the necessity to learn its craft. Enemies of God and ignorant souls claim that it’s too old, devoid of accuracy and lacking pertinence. When we hear these arguments, we, the warriors of God, too often either hang our heads in foolish shame and silence or we lash out in mismanaged anger, absent of love. We forget that the person who questions the Bible is merely a pawn of the dark and evil spiritual forces who influence the world. But in defending the Sword, rarely do we pull it off the shelf and let it speak for itself.

So, Christian, pick up the Sword.

Before we can truly fight with it, we need to know how to handle it. Like any good weapon, it must become an extension of our arms, of our hearts. We have to spend hours practicing, memorizing the different techniques. We need to submit ourselves to Christ, the Master Swordsman. We must be an army that humbly learns from those soldiers who wholeheartedly persevere in the Master’s ways. We must devote ourselves to edifying each other with grace and extend the same mercy that our Master extends to us. We are to join in holy unity all who are called to His standard and respond in faith and obedience. The God of Heaven’s Armies has called us to be warriors.

Therefore, let us be warriors.

Let us devote ourselves to the Sword. Let us learn how to use it accurately, not to maim the weak and ignorant, but rather to defend the helpless against those forces that hate the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us allow the Sword to be what it is. Alive and active. Sharp and shameless. Let us be Sword-bearers, holy and set apart.

Let us be Biblical Christians.

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